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Release Your Subconscious Blocks And Reach Your Goals

Updated: Jan 2

Have you been making new goal lists every New Year and can’t stand to look at them the following year because you know so few are completed?

Do you know, from your deepest knowing, that you have a gift or a mission to accomplish, but some invisible force keeps getting in the way?

Is this the year that you gather the power to align your hopes, gifts, and calling to launch you into the life you deeply desire?

Make a list of your goals from last year. Add 4 columns. Label them:

  1. What I accomplished easily

  2. What I accomplished with determination

  3. What I couldn’t accomplish because of outside factors

  4. What I felt “blocked” from accomplishing

For each goal, mark an X or write a little note in the column / box that correlates with the outcome you experienced.

You can journal or note the “how” or “why” for each response. This will give you a treasure trove of information for the upcoming year’s goals.

Mine looks something like this.


Accomplished Easily

Accomplished With Determination

Couldn’t Accomplish Outside Factors


Garden More

Too hot when I go out to work

Walk Daily

Established Habit

Pray / Meditate

Chattery Mind :(

Consistent Social Media Engagement

Mind goes blank. Feelings of fear. Vulnerability

See what I did here? It’s the same concept of getting a grade on a paper in school. The feedback and evaluation is the learning process. Perhaps that’s the core gift that we receive by writing out our goals and resolutions. Maybe it really isn’t the goal at all, but our growth by doing the “assignment” and getting our own internal feedback that we move forward as evolving humans. Hmmm… ??

What did I learn?

  1. Adapt. Garden early in the morning before the brutal Colorado sun is too high in the sky. (Before 9:00AM)

  2. Establishing a habit is crucial for me to reach a lot of goals. I need to push through the first 2 or 3 times of doing things, and then it’s easy.

  3. Praying calms my chattery mind, but my chattery mind distracts me from praying. Determination for me is trying different things to reach my goal. In this case, the ambient sound of ocean waves and breathing techniques work wonders. I’ve also begun EFT or “tapping” to calm my mind.

  4. The “Blocks” are the very cool things. I’ll get back to those.

The take away here is that I can utilize the insights that I uncovered using these goals and more broadly apply them to everyday life. Bingo! Use our new knowledge to more forward in our lives.

OK, now back to “blocks”. I’m a hypno-coach. I’ve been practicing hypnosis for over a decade. It’s these sneaky subconscious beliefs that limit our success! Because they’re subconscious, we are usually unaware of their origin and how dynamic and powerful they are.

Think about the phrase, “Writers Block”. The thoughts, ideas, and words are there inside a writer’s mind, but no sentences will form - kind of like me and social media. I needed use self-hypnosis to relax my mind and be open to whatever memories or images that arose. This was fairly easy for me to do since I’ve been practicing this for a number of years. (That’s why they call it “practice”). However, anyone can learn and use self-hypnosis.

My fear stemmed from knowing that I’m communicating with - not strangers - but people that I know but rarely see. I live a thousand miles from my home of origin, so I only get home two or three times a year, and then usually only see immediate family. My fear was that I would be judged by people that I know, but don’t interact with on a regular basis. You see, if you engage with someone often, and they say or do something goofy, you pitch it aside because you have a vast pool of experiences with them that dilutes the occasional goofy-ness. If you don’t have that vast pool, then all you have are the bare bones of social posts. We all know how easily they can be misinterpreted!

OK - so what I learned:

  1. I had a subconscious block that was holding me back from connecting with people I care about.

  2. I had a subconscious block that was holding me back from connecting with clients and colleagues.

  3. My fear was binding me and I was gagged from self-expression.

  4. My fear was incongruent with my values and beliefs.

  5. I want to be a person that lives in the moment and lives my truth, without fear.

  6. I believe that people are good, kind, and understanding

  7. The world is a better place when we’re connected

Alrighty then! Big score for January 2, 2023! A couple of days working through my own goal list has been inspirational and provided me a great topic for my first post and blog for 2023.

Such a blessing!

If you’d like to know more about hypno-coaching or the hypnosis process, reach out to me. Within a few sessions, we can usually get to the core of our “blocks” and life suddenly opens up.

Accomplish those 2023 goals!!

Have a great day!


Check back next week to see what else is cracking open!

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