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Law of Attraction

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life.

Your money and financial assets;

Your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size and shape;

Your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards -

Indeed, the very happiness

of your life experience in general -

is all happening because of the story

that you tell.

]Abraham Hicks

For years I’ve been in the business of understanding people, their subconscious desires and fears, their strengths and passions, and their Divine calling. Yet, it sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror and do that very same thing for myself as I’m caught up in the daily tick-tock of life, and loss, and love.

The law of intention, or “The Secret” (which gained world-wide notoriety because of the book and film by that name) is an invitation to leave the energy and emotions of our past behind in order to open ourselves to the process of manifesting our greatest life for the highest good in the world. We create the space and belief that our desires and calling is real, tangible, and right now!

This, as many who’ve immersed themselves in these practices know, can be very daunting and difficult. We’ve been conditioned to define ourselves by our past experiences, behaviors, and identity. Especially the identities that have been imposed upon and reinforced by ourselves and the world; family, dear friends, or significant others. They KNOW who they’ll see when we walk through the door, and find it difficult to see or accept otherwise.

This can make changing feel like swimming upstream. But it doesn’t have to be THAT experience. It can be easier once we give ourselves permission to make choices and step out of our old stories.

Several years ago, I realized how emotionally paralyzed I was in certain relationships because I felt obligated to be what they expected me to be even though I had evolved from being that person, or at the least, was in the process of evolving.

One night while in a state of quiet contemplation, I heard a simple message, “Drive your own bus”. Images began rushing though my mind of the many circumstances and experiences I’d had on busses. Whether as a kindergartener getting on my bus at noon in rural Minnesota for the thrilling ride into town to school, a young professional riding the metro bus to downtown Minneapolis for my first job in Public Relations, or breezing through the streets of Paris surrounded by exquisitely dressed handsome Parisians speaking melodically enchanting French, one thing was common throughout all bus rides; there was a driver and there were passengers.

The driver has control of the door and gives permission to each individual for entrance onto the bus. Whether free or by toll, the bus driver has the authority to select who can enter the bus for that particular ride.

My “light bulb” experience is somewhat like a hole-filled board of rolling marbles when all at once the marbles roll into their correct hole creating a complete picture. Ah-ha! The picture created in that moment was ME sitting in the bus driver’s seat and deciding who can get on my bus for that day. I was giving myself permission to discern and then take action to leave those who did not support me and my evolution, there without me, still waiting at the bus stop.

That story has been very powerful in my life over the years. My story has changed from the obligation to slog along with others in the same way because it meets their exceptions of me, to changing my story to one that is current, healthy, and is moving forward.

I challenge myself every day to be aware of the stories that I’m telling myself, the thoughts that I’m thinking, the life that I’m accepting, and the way I’m engaging with others and the world. Most importantly, I challenge myself to push forward to touch, feel, smell, and mentally and emotionally KNOW that my life is intentionally created today because I’m driving my own bus!

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