My philosophy toward coaching centers on YOU.  I listen to your heart, I feel your passion,  I see your roadblocks and limiting beliefs, and I serve as your accountability partner throughout your journey.   We will work together to develop a plan to nurture your brilliance and realize your dreams.


I encourage my clients to listen to themselves, trust themselves, seek their highest calling, and to nurture their innate talents. 

 Wisdom lies in prioritizing support and guidance on your journey,

because, as the song says, "You may never pass this way again".  

Choose to live awake, alive, with vitality, and intention.  

Become the best YOU  possible by opening your heart, your mind, and preparing for the next thrilling experience that is surely coming your way! 

Are you ready to try new approaches to achieving your best self and most successful expression in your life?  Private individual coaching is your opportunity to experience guidance from your subconscious, your Higher Guidance, teamed with your life experience and desires.  


This unique approach is co-created with each client to achieve maximum results.   You’ll receive a pre and post evaluation, and an individual coaching plan that’s uniquely modified as you make progress throughout the weeks working together.  Using hypnosis, visualization, intention practices, in tandem with traditional goal-setting and action management techniques delivers a profoundly transformative experience. 

New You In '22 Program

New You In ’22 - Coaching, Hypnosis, & Spiritual Journey


For those that are ready to shed the negativity and shifting sands of the last few years, this coaching program is for you!    Are you being called to move forward and transform your life?  New You In ’22 gathers your talents, creativity, experience, and energy into a powerful and transformative program for change.  


You’ll be guided to connect with your Higher Guidance through meditation, hypnosis sessions, and journaling exercises. 


You’l be walked through 6 months of weekly 1-1 coaching that focuses on forward motion and action.  Building on consistent weekly progress will lead you along a path of transformation  and personal success.  


What you’ll get:


  • Pre & Post Program Evaluations

  • Individual Coaching Program Plan

  • Weekly 90 minute 1-1 Zoom Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited Email and FaceTime Support

  • Scheduled Weekly Accountability Check In

  • Supporting Resources and Tools

  • Two New You Monthly Follow Up Accountability Calls


Total Value Time And Materials = $9,225


New You in ’22 Value Package Price = $ 5,890

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Image by Joel Mott

Reboot Rollout Program

Reboot Roll-Out -  Coaching, Self-Assessment, Accountability I


If you’ve already made progress in reaching your desired goals, but need a reboot to move forward and refocus, the Reboot Roll-Out is the perfect program.  Paced over a three month period, you’ll be able to focus on completion of former goals and define new thresholds for progress.


Your pre-evaluation will allow you to reboot the objectives you haven’t quite achieved yet, as well as opening the door to roll-out an ever widening circle of opportunities for your life. 


Twice-monthly individual Zoom sessions will utilize assignments, exercises, focused journaling, hypnosis sessions, and practices to refine listening to your Higher Guidance direction and calling.




What you’ll get


  • Pre & Post Program Evaluations

  • Individual Coaching Program Plan

  • Six 90 minute 1-1 Zoom Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited Email and FaceTime Support

  • Scheduled “Off-Week” Accountability Check In

  • Supporting Resources and Tools


Total Value Time And Materials = $4,812


Reboot Roll-Out Value Package Price = $ 2,133