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Programs & Webinars

Workshops, Webinars, and Off-Site Retreats are an ideal opportunity for results-driven change. Whether you're setting personal or professional goals, have a group already identified, or are seeking a small gathering to join with, I facilitate groups, both in person and on-line with an array of objectives and interpersonal dynamics.  

Quit Smoking
6 Week 
Coaching Group

This 6 week journey is designed exclusively for you to quit smoking and redefine yourself and your purpose in life.


  • You will be guided through a life changing process of Hearing the inner voices that tell you that you must smoke.

  • Breaking the triggers that keep you smoking.

  • Utilizing a life coaching process to design a new future that is satisfying, healthy, and smoke free.  You will uncover and prioritize the next steps to self-expression and action.

Embark on a 6 week journey to discover your true strength and vitality and create the most exciting chapter of your life. 

Each week we'll focus on practices and lessons to move you toward your smoke free life.

You'll have homework and tools to focus on between group coaching meetings.

The group participants offer support and insight at the group meetings.

A private Facebook group provides 24/7 connections and support with Kris and the group.

Quit Smoking

Coaching Group

  • 6 weekly Zoom video calls. 

    •      Log in on your phone anywhere.  You gain accountability and move smoothly though the weekly lessons.

  • Journey  Guide

  • Worksheets

  • Life Coaching Plan

  • Private Facebook Support Group

  • Opt-In Private Hypno-Coaching Sessions Available

1. Finding the voice that calls you to be healthy               

  • Learn how to listen with your whole being. 

  • Live in a state of heightened awareness of everything within and around you.  

2. Follow the breadcrumbs to find triggers and stop them.   

  • Identify the patterns of smoking throughout your life.  

  • Revisit the experiences that brought you joy, fulfillment, and deep peace.  

  • Replace trigger behaviors and feelings with the things that being you calm and health.

3. Envision A Future Healthy You                    

  • Visualization exercises allow you to define the new healthy you. 

  • Be clear about where your energy goes and how you can use it for your advantage when you're not wrestling with an addiction anymore. 

  • Find the times, places, and spaces that you can cultivate your brilliance and gifts. 


You’ll Get:

The 6 weekly Zoom meetings


Guided Lessons



Enjoy the "Quit Smoking Coaching Group" Sessions

AND These Bonus Offers!

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group 

Access support and feedback from the group as you share your success journey together. 


Bonus #2:   Coaching Free Trial

One Free 1-1 personal coaching session.  Build your life coaching plan into a robust life changing process.


Bonus #3: Hypno-Coaching Discount

1-1 Hypno-Coaching appointments are available at a coaching class discount of 25% OFF!



  • Wondering if this content or group format is a good fit for you?  

  • Wondering if your investment will really help you quit smoking and foster the change you desire in your life?  


If you have questions about the program and would like a free pre-program 1-1 chat, book a discovery call (found on the "Book Now"page).


This will allow us to explore your goals and define outcomes prior to your registration to the

Quit Smoking Coaching Group


Taking a Break
Drive-through Groceries
Man Fishing
Young Female Farmer
Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Retirement Transition Into Life Transformation!
Living In Your Passion Place!

This 9 week course takes a deep dive into your passions and how to prioritize your time to express those callings from within.  Designed exclusively for retired women, the journey includes webinar sessions, journal exercises, weekly assignments, and weekly zoom discussions with other members of the course. 


If you wish to create, find your elder voice, and honor your inner child’s long-held desires, this course will guide you on a journey of discovery and action. 


Few programs are designed for the wise woman in retirement years, whose value and abilities are in full bloom.   Transform your life from a “chapter” into a “volume” that will impact those around you and leave a legacy for those to come. 


You’ll Get:


  • Nine Webinars (One Per Week):


  1. Taking Stock

  2. Resolution and Moving Onward

  3. Your Inner-Child’s Expression

  4. Maximum Gratitude

  5. Your Passion And Purpose

  6. Elder Voice

  7. Passion Imagery - Envision Your Passion Flower

  8. Expanding Fully On The Adventure

  9. Living From Your Passion Place


  • Nine Weekly Zoom Facilitated Discussions With The Group


  • Living From Your Passion Place Session Guide And Journal

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