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Speak Your Truth With Confidence!

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Now enrolling clients for '23 fall semester and '23-'24 academic year

Steadfast Student Coaching Program
"Speak Your Truth With Confidence"

Building The Four Pillars Of Transition Necessary For Conservative StudentsTo Thrive During Their College Experience

All Programs Developed For Pre-Collegiate and Enrolled College Students.

Steadfast Student Coaching Is Customized To Achieve Your Unique Objectives


Remain composed in any situation regardless of actions or language directed your way.   

You’ll gain personal control in every circumstance.


Center your focus on the core of your values and beliefs as you enter spaces of hostility or antagonism.


Easily develop and maintain relationships with family, networks of friends, institutions, and communities


Effortlessly manage reactions, emotions, trauma, and stressors to experience confidence and success in every setting.




Come ALIVE with fresh ideas!

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Personal Development
Groups And Workshops

All Programs Customized To Achieve Your Unique Objectives

"Intercultural Development And Inventory"

"Conflict Style Inventory

And Resolution Strategies"

"Leadership And Communication Styles"

"Unblock Your Blocks"

Understand And Direct Those Limiting Voices In Your Head

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Kris has decades of experience, resources, and a vast array of tools in her toolbox to inspire and support learning of all kinds.  

  • Customized  Training 

  • Coaching

  • Hypnosis Coaching

  • On-Site & On-Line

  • Workshops & Webinars 

  • Retreats

  • Speaking Engagements

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 Coaching, Training, Hypnosis Coaching

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The capacity to learn is a GIFT;

the ability to learn is a SKILL;

the willingness to learn is a CHOICE.

-Brian Hubert

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